You can pho me anytime.



neptune, i lov me perl


fuk u daddy ur embarsing me


but perl, yerr me daugter 


ur a fukin crab how can i possible be ur dauhgter? you peice of shit


Justin Bieber fans trying to defend everything he does.



summer lovin
had me a blast
summer lovin
dick in my ass

It kind of upsets me to see such shade and shit being thrown at people I personally know and are friends with. Like gay drama, you don’t like them because they gave you a wrong look, or they slept with somebody. Gay Tumblr drama, it’s just starting shit for no reason.

Fuck you, Rob. See you tomorrow. Maybe. If I don't run away from you.

who are you


Total Slut Attention Whore

is that all?

"I love the Chainsmokers!"

"but only the selfie song.."

Lesgohiking after a night of drinking! #me #tiredaf #mistake

Lesgohiking after a night of drinking! #me #tiredaf #mistake

Just because I broke up with you doesn’t mean I didn’t love you. I didn’t want you to wait for me, I didn’t want you to be stressed out or worried for me, I just didn’t want you to feel like you needed to be there for me when you couldn’t.

I left you because both our lives are changing in drastic ways, and I’d rather tell you while I’m still here than while I would be hundreds of miles away. You misunderstood my intentions, you misunderstood what I was feeling, and your irrational thinking pushed me out of your life.

It hurts that you thought so low of me. It hurts that you thought that I left you for somebody. It hurts that you thought I cheated on you. It also hurts that you were such a significant part of my life, and you thought less of me; that I would hurt you in such a way that you hurt me.

You met my family, you were the first person I’ve really loved, and you were the first person I’ve ever really trusted not to ever hurt me no matter how mad we were at each other. People ask me why I’m so hurt when I was the one who broke up with you, but reasons are not as black and white as you think they are.


When I lost my virginity, I told my best friend (@deantron). Then him and my other close friends all sent me a picture of them putting their thumbs up and congratulating me.

he’s lucky I love him.

The Biggest Part of Me

I gave away the biggest part of who I was, my virginity. I gave it to the person I loved, somebody who still means a whole lot to me. I gave it away early this year, and the worst part is that we’re not even in each other’s lives anymore. We loved each other, but sadly as the seasons changed, so did we.

It’s a big thing to me. The last part of me that I had to hold onto, and the only thing I could give to somebody that I truly cared and cherished. I don’t regret one bit of it. If we hate each other for the rest of our lives, if we have so much malice and resentment towards each other, I will always love him; that’s all that matters.

Hold onto those moments in your life because those moments will bring you back to the reasons why you should have sex in the first place, and hopefully give you more morality before having random sex.

Not judging people who have random sex and hook ups though, just be safe.


I think being friends with an ex right after a break up is a mistake. Remove them from your life until you feel nothing towards them; love or hate.

Call me thirsty all you want. I haven’t slept with, made out with, or done anything with anybody since my ex. I am a twenty-one year old, of whom hadn’t even had sex until this year, and I can do whatever I please. I’m living my dream by going to the college I’ve wanted to go to ever since I was in high school. I’m living my life with friends, through the ups and downs. I will seek whoever I please because I can. I’m not relentless in pursuing somebody, in fact I rarely ever pursue anybody.

Call me thirsty or a bitch because regardless, I’m living my dream and my life the way I please. Who are you? Irrelevant, and if you are a person in my life trying to bring me down, you soon will be irrelevant. People come and go through my life, don’t act like you won’t be one of them.