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Ever find a person you just want to keep talking to for hours and hours at a time? To where if they don’t talk to you, you just wait all day for a simple “hello?” You may not have feelings for them, but they just captivate your mind, and make you want to know everything about them. It’s like, they’re just an amazing being that you want around in your life.

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Hands 😁

They can call you a slut, but they can’t cite their source, or show proof. Be true to yourself, and everybody else’s opinions become less significant.

It’s so easy for you to see what you give, but take a step back and see what others have given you for a change, and you’ll appreciate the little things more.

You’re so distracted by them telling you what you’re doing wrong, that you lose focus on what you’re doing right. Just because they make you feel worthless doesn’t mean you are.

Bags 4 dayzzzzz. Just got my haircut. #ineedtoshave

Bags 4 dayzzzzz. Just got my haircut. #ineedtoshave

I’m back in Northern California for the weekend, only to be bombarded by bad news. I find out my brother’s in the hospital and my grandma has stomach cancer and could die at any given time. I just have to remember things happen because they’re supposed to. Stay strong.

We were like two puzzle pieces trying to fit together. When you realize you just don’t fit, the picture becomes more clear.

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How Will I Know (Cover) by Sam Smith

What good is making money and having a career if there’s nobody special to share your life with? Think about it.

You don’t need another person to depend on, but you want another person to share your love and success with. That’s what I believe relationships are for; not for happiness, but to share the happiness you already have.

I just want somebody who won’t constantly try to pick a fight with me, won’t trip about the small stuff, and communicate with me without shutting me out.

Never choose a lover over your friends. Just remember who has been there longer because lovers are still your friends, and they will spill the real tea about your other friends.

#edclv2014 #selfie #waiting

#edclv2014 #selfie #waiting

I can do this.

We can do this.

They can do this.

Whenever I have disbelief in something, I just say one of the three phrases above, and some how, it makes me feel better.

We came, we saw, we judged. #awaywego

We came, we saw, we judged. #awaywego